The binary black hole merger rate of the Universe: comparison of our predictions with the LIGO observational results.

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Left: Redshifted total merger mass distribution for models M10 (red) and M23 (magenta). The O2 LIGO sensitivity is marked; the most likely detections are expected when models are closest to the sensitivity curve. We also mark LIGO/Virgo BH-BH merger detections (vertical positions have no meaning), all of which fall within the most likely detection region: Mtot,z ∼ 20–100 Msun

Right: Source frame BH-BH merger-rate density of our models for the local Universe (z = 0). The current LIGO O1/O2 BH-BH merger rate is 12–213 Gpc−3 yr−1 (blue double-headed arrow). Note that our models with fallback-attenuated BH natal kicks (M10, M20) are at the LIGO upper limit, while our models with high BH natal kicks are at the LIGO lower limit (M13, M23). Models with small (M26) and intermediate (M25) BH kicks fall near the middle of the LIGO estimate.

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