BH-BH, BH-NS, NS-NS StarTrack models with BH spins (July 1, 2019)

Models (see the files at the bottom of the page) are from this paper

Sample results from one of our models are shown on the Figure below.

Detection weighted distribution of effective spin parameter of BH-BH mergers for model M30.
B with MESA efficient angular momentum transport and fallback decreased BH kicks (no BH kicks for massive BHs). We either do not allow for the efficient tidal spin-up of WR stars that are most common immediate progenitors of BHs in our models (natal BH spin is calculated directly from MESA stellar models), or we take it into account as suggested by Zaldarriaga et al. (2017) (natal BH spin is then assumed to be aspin = 1.0 if the WR star progenitor was subject to the efficient tidal spin up). For "no WR tides" approach we find a rather narrow distribution of effective spins (−0.2 ≤ χeff ≤ 0.2) that is peaked at positive values (average χeff = 0.15). For efficient "WR tides" the distribution is broad (−0.5 ≤ χeff ≤ 1.0) with two peaks: one at χeff ∼ 0.15 (∼ 70%) and one with χeff∼ 0.6 (30%). For comparison we show 90% credible limits (blue arrows) and the most likely values (blue stars) of effective spin parameter for ten LIGO/Virgo BH-BH mergers.

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Data Files

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